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Through our different initiatives, VSF has been helping to create the next generation of success. From providing academic resources to help low-income students or teen moms achieve their dreams, to providing food to orphans and impoverished families in Mexico, VSF and its partners have made it a mission to end the poverty cycle with its three pillars; Teaching Financial Responsibility, Eliminating Academic Barriers that will ultimately help Eliminate Food Insecurities. All of this has been made possible by the support of generous donors like you.

Whether you would like to make a one-time or monthly monetary donation or an In-Kind donation, it can make the difference between hunger and hope for an impoverished child or family in need. Join our mission to fight hunger and break the poverty cycle!

Thank you for your support!


Sierra Tarahumara Humanitarian Trip

Sierra Tarahumara.jpg

El 100% de tus donaciones ayudarán a llevar comida, ropa y juguetes a las familias de la Sierra Tarahumara. ¡Únete a Banco de Alimentos JIREH y nuestra misión de ayudar a los más necesitados y dona hoy!

Krispy Kreme Digital Dozen

Krispy Kreme_edited.jpg

Purchase a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts through Victory in Struggle Foundation to help provide educational resources to underprivileged students in Bordertown communities.

How to Redeem Digital Dozen:

Fill out the Donation Form with

Amount of $13.50

Project: Victory in Struggle Foundation

Comment: "KripsyKremeOrder".

Your Digital Dozen can be redeemed at any participating Krispy Kreme location in the U.S except in Connecticut and Puerto Rico locations.


Mothering Success

Female College Students

Only 50% of teen mothers receive a high school diploma by 22 years of age. Our "Mothering Success" Initiative will help cover childcare and academic costs for local teen moms who qualify as honor students and want to pursue a career. VSF will provide financial counseling, top-tier tutoring, Princeton Review SAT/ACT courses,  and college admission and employment services. Fill out our donation form and comment "MotheringSuccess" to help a teen mom achieve success! 

Feed an Orphan

Image by imdadul hussain

In the last 7 years, VSF International has fed over 50,000 orphans in Mexico. Through our international branch Banco de Alimentos JIREH, we have been able to provide food to "Comedores" or food pantries that feed orphans and impoverished children in the neighborhoods of Mexico. This has been made possible by generous donors just like you. Fill out our donation form and comment "FeedanOrphan" to join our mission to end hunger!

To the Rescue

Rescue Puppy

Animal shelters across the nation are overcrowded and in need of adopters. It is 4 times more likely for pets to get adopted when they are picture-perfect. Our "To the Rescue" initiative will help provide food, toys, beds, and grooming services to ready animals for adoption. 

Fill out our donation form and comment "TotheRescue" to help a pet in need of a home!

Deported Veterans

Veteran Memorial Service

Thousands of our fighting Veterans have been deported to Mexico. Some live in harsh conditions and do not receive VA benefits. Your donations will help provide food, sanitary items, and basic medical care to our deported veterans. 

Fill out our donation form and comment "DeportedVeterans" to help fight for our Veterans as they fought for our freedom!

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